New video in the works

2009-09-15 00:50:24 by cHe3z

Me and my girlfriend have decided to make a little Flash animation called WTFTVthat makes fun of everything, from weird substitute teachers, to the kids at school that have nothing to say and say it. It'll be funny, and also hilarious!

New video in the works

about "caramell dansen OO"

2008-07-10 20:10:08 by cHe3z

well i'd like to say someting about my recent submission to NewGrounds, I DIDN"T MAKE IT, MY SISTER DID, AND IT WAS HER FIRST TIME USING FLASH!!! Thank you

Tails The Fox v0.0.1alpha

2008-07-09 01:52:12 by cHe3z

Okay, well i have just released a demo version of "Tails The Fox",the only thing i hae done so far is the controls minus the mid-air strike and spin attack, but don't woryy i'm working in those right now (if only i out this much effort into my homework) any way you can download the control test Here (50MB), remember this is NOT DONE, and i'd like to appologize for the long load time after the menu screen.
please tell me what id does and doesn't need, your PC's hardware and how fast it ran. Thanks HAVE FUN!!!

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What is up?

2008-06-05 23:33:26 by cHe3z

Hello I am new here, and i'd just like to advertise a few projects i'm working on, such as "Tails The Fox" which is a 3d game i'm working on (if you want to help, NO) i'll hope to get some screen shots for you, and also i'm makin a movie called "Zelda: The Ocarina if Spoof" and it's gonna be hilarious. if you read ths ur probably wishing you hadn't, BUT IT'S TOO LATE, I JUST WASTED YOUR TIME!!! stay tuned

i finally took the time topost a picture of my model, and due to animation issues, this game will e slighlty delayed, i was hoping for some time next month, but now possibly 3 months or more, but don't worry, i'll fix'er up, and remember the words of Shigeru Miyamoto: "A deleyed game is mostly good, a bad game is bad forever." thanks for reading, i guess.

All righty, i'm back in business, someone helpped me fix the problem, but it's still gonna be a little late, but fear not Tails Fans, it will get done, even if Sega decides to sue me! at least it WILL be released unlike Bosser Jerome and his Sonic GL Game (I'd have a link for that but he took sown the website, here are some pictures of what the world could have been playing if this noob wasn't afraid of Sega). All right, so stay tuned!

What is up?